Monday, October 19, 2009

A Part of the Economy Is Booming and It's Not the Banks!

Cybercrime is a thriving economy.

The FBI is diligently working the issue but they need our help by protecting ourselves, being aware, and reporting suspicious emails and activity.

There are actual markets online, think of a  criminal version of "ebay" or "craigs list" of sorts where criminals can buy, barter, trade stolen identities, hacking kits, and more online.

Symantec (they also make Norton antivirus) estimated that if every stolen credit card and bank account was hacked and siphoned off that criminals would have made $8B.  Thankfully, they do get caught!

Think of the old fashioned flea markets.  Well, the cybercriminals go into these online thieves markets.  They call these "Internet Relay Chat" rooms and thousands to tens of thousands of criminals will be in the IRC room trading information.

Credit cards and bank accounts are about 51% of what is advertised in these "thieves markets".

Keep your antivirus up to date, watch where you click, and make sure everyone in your company or household are aware too.

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