Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Shopping: How to Get the Best Bargains Without the Boobytraps

You want to fill everyone’s Christmas stocking with good cheer but be careful of cybercriminals.  We can help you find the best bargains without the boobytraps!

Some of the best deals of the season are online this year.  

47% of merchants said they will use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise the best deals.  

This year offers some fantastic ways to find where the best bargains are and you can shop at home in your pajamas, while stuck at the airport, or even on your lunch break all with the touch of your finger!
Some companies are creating online exclusive offers.  One example is Sears.  Sears gave out fan only deals and a drawing for a gift card exclusively to their Facebook fans this year.

Here are 4 tips to find the best deals without the boobytraps!

1.  One card:  Use a specific credit card for your online purchases.  Set up alerts to be sent to your phone and email so you know every time your card is used.

2. Keep a record:  Save a screen shot or print out all receipts and hold for at least 90 days, longer if there is a warranty.

3. Be A Secure Shopper with CIS:  Computer, Internet, Secure

Computer:  Know the computer – do not use a communal computer or one that is not up to date on antivirus protection

Internet:  Check your internet access – know how you access the internet – only make a purchase if you know your connection is safe

Secure:  Secure Sites only - Check the Webname – it should include HTTPS: the S stands for secure.  The website should include an icon of a padlock

4.  Instant Access to Deals:  Sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores.  If you use social media sites such as, Twitter or Facebook, there are a lot of great deals posted on those sites.

Finding the Best Bargains:
There are several wonderful sites that you can use to help you find the best online bargains without tripping on the cybercriminal booby traps.

We have highlighted several sites that you may want to check out this year:

Social Media:
On Facebook, you will find many vendors with pages you can become a fan of.  Some are offering EXCLUSIVE deals for their Facebook fans.
Some highlights include:
Best Buy

Twitter offers some great tips about upcoming sales and special offers.
Some Twitter accounts you may want to follow include:




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