Friday, February 5, 2010

Cybercreeps Grab Your Stash, Hide the Cash, While Using Bogus Bank Statements

Cybercrooks have a new trick up their sleeve! 

Cybercriminals are rewriting your bank statement so it looks like small transfers have been taken out and your balance looks okay.

A Security firm called, Finjan, found that cybercriminals stole $440K from online banking customers in Germany last year.

To fake out the customer and the bank, the cybercreeps transacted small transfers.   They used money mules to help them move the money out.  (More on money mules in another post but they are usually good people doing "work at home" and have no idea that they are a pawn in this scheme).

To continue the fake out, these cybercreeps displayed altered statements showing only a small amount transferred. 

 “They successfully evaded the banks' anti-fraud systems," says Ben-Itzhak. "We dubbed it anti anti-fraud."

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