Thursday, March 4, 2010

Avoid the nightmare of losing your address book. Helpful tips.

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n the US, over 12 million cell phones are lost each year and 700,000 are stolen.

This is a nightmare scenario.  You need to make a phone call and find out that your address book is suddenly empty or your cell phone is missing.  If your job counts on you having a large rolodex this situation can be overwhelming.

What would happen to you if your contacts were lost?

Former White House Cyber Security Expert, Theresa Payton has some options for saving your contacts to a safe place and recovery options in the event something happens to your cell phone.

How to avoid a BAD situation:

B - Back up files.  Most smart phones and cell phones come with software that you can use on your computer so you can create a back up file.

A - Access to your contacts may be available another way.  You may have files on your computer or Mac that you could use.  For example:

 ."ipd" at the end, that file has BlackBerry contacts.

."csv" at the end, that file can be imported into most address book and email programs and then synchronized to your phone.

vCard files can be imported into most contact programs.

D - Don't rely on just having your contacts on your phone or computer.  Keep a copy in multiple places.  Have a hard copy of the 5 most important contacts in the event of an emergency.

The following are resources that can help you build or re-build your list of contacts on your phone and computer.

See this link for helpful resources on how to back up your contacts:  Website Tips & Resources

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