Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are You Worried About Your Kids' Online Safety? Article + Enter to Win a Free PG Key

Are you struggling with keeping up with the latest list of “bad sites” that you need to protect your kid from tripping upon?  

You are not alone!


That’s the number of 8-17 year old kids in a recent Norton survey that socialize online roughly 5 hours per week.  


The same survey found that you are having a hard time setting rules to keep your kids safe because it was not around when you were a kid.  

I recently met with a group of Moms, some of which are also Grandmoms.  They have thrown their hands up in disgust at what to do about the smut and scum on the internet.   They know their kids and grandkids are exposed but they cannot keep up with the latest "Chatroulette" or other pages that crop up.

You do not have to cross your fingers and just hope for the best.

3 Steps You Can Take to Help:
1. Rules – Set ground rules and monitor their usage
2. Show – Show them safe surfing and how to avoid sites you don’t want them to see
3. Safe Zone - Allow access only through kid friendly sites or tools – keep the home computer where the family spends time 

There are several tools that you can use to shape your kids’ online activities.  This is getting easier to do thanks to improved options in software.

There are several great, free tools out there that you can use.  

I have highlighted 3 tools you may want to explore:
Yoursphere Basic Service:

Kidzui Basic Service:

Norton’s Online Family Service:

My 7 year old tested Yoursphere and Kidzui and gave both a thumbs up.  He has not tested the Norton suite yet.

There are many wonderful products out there.  

I am highlighting one tool called the PG KEY.  PG KEY Allows you to insert a "Parental Guidance" key card into any computer and it provides online safety tools while your kids surf.  

Sweepstakes to Win a Free PG Key:

For those of you that want to purchase a parental safety key to use on any of your home computers, the company PGKey is offering our viewers a special deal of 25% off and free shipping!   Go to: or the code ProtectKids. 

There are many sources you can go to for advice regarding kids and online safety.

Parent Advocate Sue Scheff :

Linda Criddle – online consumer and kid safety expert

Dr. Michele Borba, Child Expert:

Mary Kay Hoal, Child Internet Safety Expert

Monica Vila and her team cover kids online safety topics:

Cammie at Moms Material:

Perry Aftab and Perry Heston cover kids online safety issues:

Oakland County Moms:

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