Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Merger You May Have Missed - Zeus and SpyEye reach a teaming agreement

SpyEye hit the radar of security experts December 2009.  SpyEye's claim to fame was creating software called "ZeuS Killer" which would remove ZeuS from an infected machine and then install SpyEye.
At their core, their goal is stealing banking credentials and money.  Although Zeus deviants have been developed to commit other crimes.

In an article by Brian Krebs, he mentions that the FBI attributes $70 million dollars stolen from 400 organizations to Zeus.  In the same article, Krebs has a great quote from Trusteer CEO, Mickey Boodaei, "We are in an arms race with criminals".

In a note to previous Zeus customers, SpyEye welcomes his new customers to the fold and even offers them free support and discounts on future software.

Sounds like SpyEye, also known as, "Haderman", has done a Voice of the Customer session!

"SpyEye v. ZeuS Rivalry Ends in Quiet Merger", KrebsonSecurity, 10/24/2010.

"ZeuS-SpyEye merger", Help Net Security, 10/27/2010.

Symantec Reports.

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