Friday, January 14, 2011

A Twist on School Robocalls - A Dad Dials Back

A Maryland Dad got a call at 4:33am Wednesday.  His heart racing and mind in a panic, he wondered what was wrong and did not want his 5 children to be woken up by the phone.  He picked up the phone and the call was an automated call letting him know that his school had a two hour delay.  He already knew this information and was dumbfounded as to why the school system thought a robocall at 4:30am was the appropriate time to call.

Instead of getting mad, he dialed back!
1.  He went online and found a robocall company
2.  He taped a message
3.  He typed in the phone numbers for the school board members, the Superintendent, and the General Counsel
4.  He scheduled the robocall for 4:30am the next day

The Robocall service gave the Dad back a summary that 8 people picked up the phone out of the 19 phone numbers he supplied and the rest most likely went to an answering machine.

His call is posted on the Washington Post and is polite.  You may disagree with the time he chose but it looks like he may have made his point as the school system is evaluating their processes for choosing the timing of robocalls.

"Md. father uses robocall to get revenge on school officials", Donna St. George, Washington Post, January 14, 2011.

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