Thursday, November 10, 2011

Apple phone and Ipad Alert

Written by Theresa Payton and featured in WBTV's Protecting Your Cyberturf segment with Kristen Miranda and Theresa Payton

Do you have an iPhone and/or an iPad? Then you better spend the next two minutes with us to hear a warning that you need to know so you can protect yourself. The good news is that cybsecurity experts still feel the iphone is safe but a warning tonight that no device is ever 100% safe from cybercreeps! We talked to  a cyber expert to learn more about the iPhone issue.

Theresa has told you before that there is no 100% security solution. No device, no software is completely safe. This is about managing risk...

1. A researcher found a flaw in the operating system that could allow a cybercreep to take control of your iphone or ipad.
2. He created a sleeper app which once on his phone, connected back to a computer, and then downloaded malicious software
Once the cybercreep gets into your Iphone, he can take your information and even send text messages

This is very unusual because Apple has a process that reviews software for malicious code before it can go into the App Store.

The flaw works around the App Store because it installs the malicious software later.

Sloppy clicker: Do you have someone that borrows your tablet, smart phone or computer and every time they use it and walk away your icons are all messed up? It’s because your device was hijacked temporarily by a sloppy clicker!

To keep up to date on security concerns, track them at the Apple website at

The iPhone Help site is also a great resource at

If you are worried about your iPhone or iPad or any smart phone catching a virus, software security companies, Sophos and McAfee, offer mobile protection.

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