Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beyond Good Virus Protection

Content also featured May 7, 2012 on North Carolina Military Business Center's blog:

Many of you already have great virus protection in place, but that only catches about 1/3 of all the bad stuff out there.
Here are some tips we recommend beyond good virus protection:
The good news is, today's internet browsers can help you fight back the bad guys from infecting your computer.  Remember, no internet security solution is 100% secure.  You still need to be aware and alert when you click on links or give out information.

Your favorite web browser may be able to help you achieve safer surfing.

1.  Settings:  While instructions and features vary, go to your browser's security and privacy settings and tweak those to insure your privacy and safety.
2.  Stay up to date:  Make sure you download software updates for your browser.  When in doubt, download a new version from the company's legitimate web site to make sure you have the latest.
3.  Safe Sites:  Some browsers let you set up the browser so it alerts you when you are visiting a site that is known for suspicious traffic.  McAfee has a tool that you can add into your browser called the "SiteAdvisor" to help you as you surf the net.  You can find the tool at: . 

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