Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dr. Cedric Sims on "Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are you naked online?" by Theresa Payton

Excerpt taken from: Dr. Cedric Sims Talks DHS, Cybersecurity and Texas Heritage by Morgan Barker ( August 3, 2012

"WashingtonExec:  What’s on your summer reading list?
Dr. Cedric Sims: I’m very fortunate and blessed to have four wonderful children; one has just entered into her teen years. As a father, I’m very concerned about making sure that she has the beneficial aspects of the internet and few of its negatives. There is a great book that has recently been released by a person that I respect greatly and the book is called Protecting Your Identity: Are You Naked Online? It was written by Theresa Payton who is a fantastic security executive. Even more importantly, the book is written in plain English and it has relevance to those in this industry and those that are not. I highly recommend it.  After you read it, you will want to give it to your family and your coworker, alike.

WashingtonExec: You discussed a book about protecting your identity online…what are the biggest threats to the individual posed by cyberspace?
Dr. Cedric Sims: Complacency and expectations of anonymity.  We all know the dangers of the internet.  We have passwords for all our accounts, whether they are Facebook, Twitter, email or financial systems.  However, recent breaches and the public display of captured passwords show that the message is still not getting through to our community.  In the case of the Yahoo breach, one of the most common passwords is ’123456.’  Fortunately, most financial institutions force the use of complex passwords.  Which brings me to my next point.  Our youngest users of the Internet do not understand the life-long, permanent trail of pictures, thoughts, and deeds that are being amassed every minute, every day.  There is limited anonymity in cyberspace.  If you do not take explicit action to protect your private information, consider it public.  Sometimes, even our best efforts are not enough."

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