Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hot Cyber Topics of 2013...with WBT 1110AM

Fortalice leader Theresa Payton (@Fortalicellc) spoke with Bo Thompson (@BoRadio1) at WBT 1110am recently regarding some of the cyber hot topics of the New Year. Check out some highlights below!

I. A recent lawsuit looks at what rights you have to own your own social media profile
  • CEO finds out there is a LinkedIn profile that he DID NOT CREATE
  • He got it taken down, but LinkedIn will not tell him who created it without a "legal process" so he's going to court
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II. Use FourSquare? Your check-ins will be a lot less "private starting January 28th!
  • FourSquare check-ins currently show a user's first name and last initial
  • Starting January 28th, 2013 Check-ins will publicly display a user's full name
  • The only way to fix this is to edit your profile!
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III. Banks were told to expect more attacks. 
  • The warning was posted openly on paste bin at:
  • The extremist group Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters posted the warning on New Year's Day...
  • Quote at the end: "Rulers and officials of American banks must expect our massive attacks! From now on, none of the U.S. banks will be safe from our attacks."

IV. Make some New Year's Resolutions regarding safety and privacy online!
Some ideas you may want to consider:
  1. Go on an "Internet Cleanse"! Spend less time on sites like Facebook and more "face time" with people, be it in person or actually calling them on the phone
  2. De-germ and de-clutter: Clean your digital devices! Sanitize them, clean the keyboards, and give everything a really good wipe down. With all of the sickness going around this season, don't neglect this overlooked area!
  3.  Run a full back up of every device so you have a recent copy of all those photos, documents, and digital correspondence.
  4. Slim down who can see things about you! Check your privacy and security filters on all of your accounts. 
  5.  Lose more "weight" by deleting emails you no longer need!

V. Beware of opening "bikini notes" or "bikini screensavers"
  • Written in many languages, this scam is making the rounds!
  • When you open up "" and "bikini.scr" it installs a Trojan on your computer

VI. Kaspersky anti-virus provider makes the's most dangerous people list?
  • He found major viruses around the globe that threatened critical infrastructure and has a popular anti-virus/anti-malware program
  • BUT mentions their concerns over what they see as "chummy ties" to the FSB, the follow-up agency to the KGB
  • That leaves them to wonder what does he know and how does he know it...leading them to say that makes him dangerous
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