Monday, July 8, 2013

Anonymous online? Think again.

A reminder about the Golden Rule and you can’t really be anonymous online

You teach your kids to treat other people according to the Golden Rule and you have taught them that you really aren’t “anonymous” online and now a new court case can help you drive that point home.  

2 Swedish teenage girls, ages 15 and 16, were found guilty of aggravated defamation.  Their crime?  They made derogatory comments of a sexual nature on Instagram using an anonymous account.   Not only do they have to do 45 hours of community service each, they must pay their victims roughly $2000 each for any distress they caused

The young ladies were found guilty of negative slurs.

It all started when one of the young ladies posted a note asking "which young people are the worst sluts in Gothenburg,”

When she received posts back along with photos, she published the photos along with negative comments

The posts went viral and then went back into the physical world when kids began to fight at the high schools

1.  Share an account with them until you are sure they are mature enough to handle social media accounts alone
2.  Monitor their posts
3.  Remind them of the Golden Rule
4.  Show them this court case

The courts are struggling to keep up with these cases.  Two teens in the U.S. were found guilty of rape after their videotaping of a sexual assault was posted on social media accounts.

A great site to visit with your teen to hammer the point across to think twice before you post is the site ( )

No, it’s not a site about eating’s a a new social network for pet lovers!  It was launched in the UK and France first and it’s not available for US users yet but you can check out the site and use some limited features.  It’s designed to be the only petwork you’ll ever need to socialize, find a vet, find products, and connect with other pet lovers.  

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