Tuesday, November 3, 2009

4 Tips to avoid online scams / phishing - Don't take the B.A.I.T.

4 Tips to avoid online scams / phishing - Don't take the B.A.I.T.

B:  Beware of popups or emails that request you click on a link.
A:  Account alerts can be set up to help you monitor your accounts.
I:  Internet addresses should include https:// if they are asking for personal and sensitive information.
T:  Tone is usually a give away.  If the tone says you must act quickly or something bad will happen it is usually a scam.   

If You Believe You Took the Bait:
If you believe you took the phishing bait, file a complaint with local law enforcement and visit FTC.gov to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
Also request to freeze your credit report and ask for a free credit report.
Spotting Phish Bait:
(1)  Your children may accidentally click on pop ups while surfing the net.  Teach them to notify you when there is a random pop up while they are online.  You can also set your web browser to "Block Pop Ups" as a precaution.
(2)  Government Agencies such as the IRS and the FBI have been recent targets in phishing scam emails.  Both have said they will never ask for personal information via email.
(3)  Banks and credit card companies are also popular phishing targets and will never ask for your personal information via email.

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