Thursday, August 18, 2011

5/26 On Challenges in Cyber Security

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Live Chat
Speaker: Michael Swetnam, Institute Chairman & CEO

Executive Summary: Current issues and challenges in cyber security. Question/answer session corresponds with the Institute's Cyber Challenge Symposium series, building off of it by exploring the nature of risk to information systems, coordination of public and private responsibility for protecting critical infrastructure, and possible policy approaches moving forward.

Confidence in our ability to address cyber threats in both the public and private realm is naive.

Legal framework for cyber security is still being built and will take time. DHS will be the primary administrator for a good amount of the issues within this field. Coordination regarding who will and how to take charge in specific situations is critical. We have no real legal precedents.

Many of those in the private sector are wary of intervention by the federal government. Privacy vs. Security.

As a nation and government, we have not truly defined what "cyber security" means. It is still evolving.

The rate of invention of information systems exceeds the rate at which we can enact laws and ways to control them.

The internet "was specifically not engineered for security."-Michael Swetnam

As the internet grows, so too does our vulnerability.

There is a current cyber war going on that we have failed to acknowledge publicly yet. Until we are personally affected, individuals don't seem to recognize the threat.

There is a need for technical tools to help the government properly and effectively oversee cyber interactions. There is also a need to demonstrate this oversight process so as to garner trust in the general public.

"The internet is one of the first truly global technologies. It recognizes no international boundaries or treaties." -> to policy the "US internet" would be a waste of time. International agreements will be the only way to move forward.

**STRONG need for education on cyber threats for all people**

"We should invest in and encourage technology while making sure we know how to control what we are creating."

Notes taken by: Brittany Box


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