Thursday, August 18, 2011

8/9 Black Hat Notes

Subject: Trip Notes from Black Hat 8/9/2011

Executive Summary: The consistent message throughout the sessions I attended was to: (1) assume you are compromised and (2) you have dirty devices and infected networks transporting precious information. The conference centers on attacks, exploits, and proactive measures. Each attendee is provided with free tools to assist with detection, analysis, and mitigation steps.

From the Opening Keynote: Ambassador Cofer Black, Retired CIA
• See a write up by Information Week regarding his keynote speech at:

Executive Summary from Mr. Black's keynote: We missed the clues with terrorism. We are missing the clues with cyber intrusions.
• "They didn't understand it. They had no personal experience with it…The decision-makers of today are in the same boat. They hear it, but they don't understand it."

Notes Taken by: Theresa Payton

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