Friday, September 30, 2011


Organizer: Social Media Today, Speaker: Robin Carey, Sustainable Business Forum, Dupont Sustainable solutions

Webinar 9/29/2011, will be available on demand within a couple of days

Notes taken by: Brittany Box, Fortalice, LLC.

Panel: Norman Marks (VP of Governance, RIsk, and Compliance at SAP), Elaine, Cohen (CSR Consultant and sustainability reporter at Beyond Bus. Ltd., author of CSR for HR), Simon Herriott (Dupont), Robin Carey (CEO of Social Media Today)


often has its own structure within a company- individualized culture

much mandated by law in countries and states, compliance

based on size:

larger- more structured, separated from sustainability mgmt., etc.

smaller- lack structure, may not be formal at all, HR, Operations manager responsibility, no written policy **concern because this is where growth is

value of security and safety must be clarified to executives and key stakeholders in order to be addressed adequately-- putting a value on safety that translates

Is technology security being used appropriately?

need to communicate and demonstrate effectiveness (ie. with tangible milestones of progress) in regards to business goals

should be a process vs. one quick fix

members at all levels must have some level of understanding and concern

Risks: reputation risk is much higher now than ever

even if its just a PERCEPTION and not a fact, this is enough to take down an enterprise

real time reliable information must be delivered across all levels

Virtual Commute now for companies: How do we keep this safe?

risk prevention is necessary, need to be proactive, but difficult because it must be adapted according to forming trends

analytics to predict behavior

What are companies doing to monitor computers in the home office without violating privacy?

difficult to monitor in remote offices

a BIG problem, particularly if a global enterprise, that is not being addressed

lack of tools to actually assess in a real sense what is happening in these locations-- HUGE opportunity for tool development here

SAP compliance software? Consideration for at home safety?--more for protecting electronic devices in the home

provide as much education and awareness as possible

OSHA now requiring annual report from agencies- what social media they're using and how?

US govt. requires self-certification that home office is safe

Need for best practices regarding home office regulation and monitoring of private environment

3rd party safety practices? Many companies fail to address this dimension

need to carry safety regulations through all levels of chain in extended enterprise

Cost of being safe far outweighs the potential cost of not being safe**

Problem: Maybe companies don't know how far to go?

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