Friday, September 23, 2011

Quiet Bad Guys Behind the QR code

Notes taken by: Theresa Payton, Fortalice, LLC.
Also featured on WBTV's Protecting Your Cyberturf with Kristen Miranda and Theresa Payton

We told you about these a year ago, those funny looking bar codes called “QR” codes. They are popping up on TV screens, coupon
flyers and around in stores. They are fun to scan and get special information. But we’re learning now that they may not be safe
to scan. QR codes, the “QR” stands for Quick Response. Marketers love them because they can store a lot of information right
to a customer’s smart phone with a quick scan. The tag can redirect a phone to a photo, website or even a movie clip. The same
thing that makes them fast and convenient can also make them unsafe.

We have told you before not to click on links from people you do not know. Well, this can be the same thing!

If you click on a QR code that has been manipulated or tampered with, it’s the equivalent on clicking on a bad link on an email and –
boom – your smart phone is infected!


1. Wary: Be wary of QR codes
2. Watch: If a QR code tries to install something on your phone, turn the phone off
3. Protect: your personal information and passwords:

If a QR code leads you to a website that asks for personal information or passwords, think twice before inputting information
or go to the site another method


The Better Business Bureau posted a warning about QR codes at:

If you are concerned about your smart phone security, there are mobile security tools. For a recent review, check out PC Magazine’s
write up at:,2817,2385361,00.asp

Fast Company has a summary about QR codes and how to use them for your business:

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