Monday, December 26, 2011


Theresa Payton, founder of Fortalice, LLC. (, has been invited by America Now news to serve as an expert authority for cyber security. Visit her section at to check out the most current advice on threats in the Cyber world and ask questions of your own!

Notes taken from Theresa Payton's first America Now! segment

Tip #1: TP on Speedy, Strong Passwords

We all have too many passwords to remember, don't we? And experts tell us to make them hard to guess. Well, if we make the too hard, we ourselves will not remember them. But don't fear...our tipster, Theresa Payton shares her tips for speedy, strong passwords...

Strong passwords use upper case and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.
Try these tips to create a tough one to guess (but easy to remember!):
1. Create a Phrase
2. Choose the first letter of each word
3. Replace some letters with special characters

For Example:

Just remember, never repeat the exact password twice across accounts so add some flair to make them different, but still easy to remember.

Another example: (for your frequent flier account)- use only something about travel you would know
"Lost my luggage in LA"

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