Monday, December 26, 2011


Theresa Payton, founder of Fortalice, LLC. serves on the expert panel as a Cyber Expert for America Now! News ( Here are some highlights from her second segment:

America Now! Tip #2: How to Avoid Unsafe Websites

We have been warned to stay away from fake websites and sites known for infecting computers. But how can you tell just by looking at it that the site is just not safe?
Our tipster, Theresa Payton shares her tips for spotting shady sites...

3 Tips to Avoid Surfing Unsafe Sites:

1. Don't click on links in emails, go to the site yourself by typing it in or using a search engine
2. Before clicking on a site that you have never visited before do some research in a search engine first. Try the website name + "scam" to see what pops up
3. You can use tools to help you with safe surfing. One free and easy tool is McAfee's site: and type the site name for their opinion

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