Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You Ready When Facebook Moves Everyone to Timeline?

Notes taken by: Theresa Payton, Fortalice, LLC. Material also featured in WBTV's segment Protecting Your Cyberturf, featuring Kristen Miranda and Theresa Payton.

We told you before about Facebook releasing a new look and feel called timeline.  Some of you might already be using it and others may still be on the old look and feel.  You need to know that Facebook is planning to roll it out to everyone.  But are you really ready for it?  What about posts you did a year or longer ago?  Do you remember those?  Studies show that recruiters, prospective mates, and others research you online and judge what they see.  Are you putting your best face forward on Facebook?  
Theresa Payton to tells you what to expect and give you some tips to protect yourself.
Before timeline, those posts were always there but they weren’t as easy to get to.  On the current Facebook format, you have to go to the bottom of the screen, hit older posts, wait for the older posts to queue up, and repeat again and again to go back in time.  Not now!  Just go to timeline and choose the point in time and presto!  It’s there.

5 Tips to clean up your image:
1.  Go to your privacy settings, and change the settings for “Who can see posts by others on your timeline” and “Who can post on your timeline” to “Friends”.
2.  While in the privacy settings page, you can change the settings for “Maximum Timeline Visibility” to “Friends”.
3.  Change “Limit the Audience for Past Posts” to “Friends”
4.  Don’t forget you may have posted things on someone else’s wall that needs to be reviewed.  Check your “Activity Log” to see any posts you made on someone else’s wall.  If you see something that needs to be removed, delete it.
5.  Search through all your old posts to see if there any you should “delete” or “hide”

Just remember, digital is forever AND when Facebook makes a change, they usually default all privacy settings to wide open.

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If you want to see how you look to other people on Facebook with Timeline, go to this link and follow the instructions.

You can also look for pointers on how to safely use Facebook by going to their Safety center at and their Privacy center at

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