Tuesday, April 24, 2012

America Now! Question from Claire...

Question and response taken from America Now! (www.americanownews.com) for which Theresa Payton is a cyber expert.

Question: I know that there are devices out there that allow you to stream video to your computer or TV. My question is how do you access that information and what devices do you recommend? I do know about netflix and Hulu, but I don't know how? Sincerely, Claire


I have some great news and some bad news - you have a lot of options!  So many in fact, this can be confusing.  We have highlighted just a few of the options out there that might work well for you.  

1.  Wi-Fi:  There is a device called a Roku.  This sleek and small device has built in wi-fi and will work with your TV remote or most smart phones.  You can stream Netflix, Amazon movies, Hulu Plus and most other web channels.  If you are an Apple fan though, there might be alternative you will like better.  

2. Device Cradle:  One option is a cradle that you can link into your audio system that allows you to connect your Apple device and play audio and video via your system. This is a little trickier to tune so not for the "do it yourself" crowd.  

3.  Put Your Gaming System to work!:  Do you have a gamer in your life?  The PS3 does more than play games, you can stream Hulu, Netflix and many other channels via the PS3 to your TV and you can also play your music collection.  

4.  Cheaper option (if you don't mind cables):  If you don't mind a few wires, you can plug an HDMI cable and connect your computer directly to the TV and then follow your user manual to switch the computer display to the TV.

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