Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Question from America Now!

Content taken from America Now! (www.americanownews.com) which features Theresa Payton as a cyber expert.

Question: According to information constantly sent to my email address, pop-ups on Facebook and any site I log on, I won 1000 gift certificate from Walmart and 2 Ipads. However, they request long surveys and purchase of other product. Please advise, Iris

Answer: Iris, we're glad you asked about this.  Sometimes it’s hard to separate winning legitimate prizes from the fakes.  Here are a few tips:  (1) If you never do business with them, odds are you are not a "winner" (2) Legitimate "wins" do not involve pop-up windows with surveys (3) a great way to test for a scam is to type in something like "Walmart", "1000", "gift card", "scam" to see if you get any hits - chances are you will.  (4) If you are a victim of one of these scams, you need to have your machine cleared of all viruses and you should file a police report and an internet fraud report at WWW.FTC.GOV.  (5)  To keep up with the latest scams, check in with the experts such as Facecrooks on Facebook or try www.scambusters.org/.

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