Friday, February 22, 2013

Mac Attack!

Webnotes by: Theresa Payton, Fortalice, LLC.
Burger King's Twitter account was hacked on Monday for roughly an hour.

While the hackers had control they:
1.  Announced that BK had sold themselves to McDonalds
2.  Added the McDonald's logo to the account
3.  Added a picture of McDonald's food to the cover page
4.  55 tweets also went out 

Burger King contacted Twitter to suspend the tweets which included some obscene messages and threats.
Some of the tweets contained racial epithets.  
One tweet said, "if I catch you at a wendys, we're fightin!"

The social media teams for rivals, Wendy's and McDonald's were sympathetic.  The Wendy's social media spokesperson even noted that "My real life nightmare is playing out".

Although Burger King has no idea how the hack happened you wonder if it might be related to the announcement by Twitter on 2/1 that account ids and passwords were stolen.

In the meantime, Burger King is restoring their account.

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