Friday, February 22, 2013

Recent Cyber News...with Theresa Payton

Webnotes by: Theresa Payton, Fortalice, LLC. Content covered on WBT 1110 AM with Bo Thompson.
On the Facebook hack...
1.  Did you know they have a "bug bounty" program where they encourage ethical, or white hat hackers, to hack Facebook?
They pay them $ for hacks.

2.  FB was attacked roughly a month ago after some of their developers visited an infected website, had their laptops infected, and then the infection hit Facebook

3.  FB says no user data was compromised and that other companies were hacked and they were helping them

Kids and Parents on Facebook
1.  Kids know their parents are on Facebook so they look for other places to have conversations without the "rents" - Skype, Tumblr, 4chan, Google+

2.  30% would unfriend their parents if they could

3.  1 in 3 are embarrassed by their parents' posts especially those involving the terms "all grown", "baby", and "beautiful"

4.  7.5 million FB users are predicted to be 13 or younger

5.  1 in 2 parents joined Facebook to keep tabs on their kids
a.  43% check their kids' accounts daily
b.  mostly interested in status updates, posts on their kids' walls, and photos

6.  Of all parents on social media, 92% are Facebook friends with their kids

7.  So where are teens when they are not on Facebook?  What's the next "hot" place parents should be?
Tumblr -  half the traffic is under 25; this is a microblogging platform and social networking site; it recently beat FB as #1 destination site for teens in a survey
Video chat - not just Skype and Facetime but social video chat sites like OoVoo and Tango
SnapChat - a newcomer with lots of appeal to kids, this app encourages your kids to text messages, photos and videos to each other that are "deleted within 90 seconds"

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