Thursday, September 23, 2010

Careful of what you click on especially free iPad offers

A cybercreep found a hole in the photo upload system for Facebook and was able to use that to send spam to Facebook & Twitter accounts that promised free iPads.

The cybercreep was able to upload the photos to people's walls, without their permission making the photo and the free iPad offer look like it was endorsed by the person.

In a twist of irony, a friend of CEO Mark Zuckerberg had their account hacked.

Evidently thousands of Facebook users were impacted.

How to protect yourself:
1.  Don't click on links for "free" items unless you are on a company web page
2.  Make sure you use strong passwords
3.  Don't use the same password on more than one social site

Source:  Article in the Guardian, Posted by Charles Arthur, September 6, 2010

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