Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't be tricked into being a money mule

Earlier this week, the UK announced that they had busted a major cybercriminal ring.  The crime ring was using the Zeus trojan and it is estimated that they stole $30 million from bank accounts across the globe.

The mules are people that have been recruited by the cybercriminals to open bank accounts and transfer funds.  Some mules are drawn in, unknowingly, by sophisticated schemes where they even apply for jobs, interview, and work for a "company".  Some mules know exactly what they are working on.

People could get tricked via jobs posted on help wanted web sites and social networking sites.

The cybercriminals and mules used many different companies to spread out their evil.  They hit banks in the UK and the US.  Ally, Chase, PNC, B of A, TD Bank are some of the banks named in the Wall Street Journal article.


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