Friday, September 17, 2010

Remember the worm spreading like kudzu? Might have been a cyber-jihad

The "Here you have" worm of last week was annoying and, in some cases, debilitating.  Talented organizations were not immune from the worm that hit last week.  Organizations such as Disney, Proctor and Gamble, ABC, Comcast, Florida DOT, and NASA were on the hit list.

CISCO reported that more than 14% of global spam came from the "Here you have" worm.

Sometimes the virus ends up just being a nuisance.  If cybercriminals or hactivists are involved, there may be more evil behind the trojan, virus or worm than meets the eye.

SC Magazine, a cybersecurity publication, talked to Joe Stewart from SecureWorks about his research.  They report that the research found the worm is directly tied to a group upset over the U.S. military deployed in Iraq.  SC Magazine said the malware creator behind the virus was the "iraq_resistance".  Federal News Radio indicated that the "iraq_resistance" might be part of the cyber-jihad organization "Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad" which has a stated goal of infiltrating U.S. Army agencies.

A video was posted to YouTube by a person claiming to be the creator of the "Here You Have" worm.  Excerpts from SC Magazine:

"My name is Iraq Resistance," the person says in a computer-generated voice. "What I wanted to say is that the United States doesn't have the right to invade our people and steal the oil under the name of nuclear weapons. Have you seen any there?"...

"I could smash all those infected computers, but I wouldn't," he says on the video. "And don't use the word 'terrorist' please. I hope that all people understand that I am not a negative person."

1.  Keep your A/V and browsers up to date
2.  Be wary of emails with links and attachments - call the sender and ask if they sent you an attachment

See last week's post from Fortalice:  "Houston we have a problem-spam.  Virus email spreading faster than kudzu"


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