Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please Talk to Your Kids - Cybersnooping is an invasion of privacy - It cost a young man his life this week

It was a tragic week this week for the family of a young college freshman.

A male student (Tyler Clementi) from Rutgers posted on Facebook that he was jumping off a bridge in NY.  

Why did he end his life so suddenly and tragically? 

Law enforcement thinks they know why.

Several days earlier, his roommate logged into a computer in their dorm room from another room.

He and a female student allegedly used skype to webcam in and streamed video of the gay student and another man in an intimate situation.   They took the streaming video and posted it on the internet outing Tyler.

What a tragedy for all involved.  

Do not wait, discuss this horrible tragedy with your children and young adults that you know.

Let's not lose another life over this.  We need to insure that children and young adults understand the rights to privacy.

Three Talking Points:
1.  Digital is forever
2.  Just because you can invade someone's privacy, does not mean you should
3.  Make your kids aware of technology and what people with bad intentions might do, given the chance; help protect your kids so they are not a victim of someone's cybersnooping

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