Monday, December 6, 2010

Facebook Launches New Look and Features

If you missed the show on 60 Minutes, no worries, with the internet, you are just a click away.  I've added a link to "Part 1" of the Interview with Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook in less than 7 years is a global phenom.

In their offices they have the word "Hack" prominently displayed.  Keep in mind that "hacking" something in the computer engineering community is a compliment.  The word has been hijacked by bad guys and their dastardly deeds on the internet.

Interesting way they approach their staff to create and launch new features:
a.  Facebook engineers stay up all night, with their CEO Zuckerberg, doing "hackathons" to practice their craft and come up with new ideas within that time frame.

b.  Another way, the engineers get tasks assigned, go to a war room, and then they get a time limit to complete everything.

Mr. Zuckerberg has launched a new layout for profiles:
1.  Old way:  you see everything posted pretty much in date/time order
     New way:  you put your bio up at the top of the page

2.  Old way:  photos could be a tab or in posts
     New way:  scrolling photos right away under your bio

3.  New:  You can list the important people in your life on the left hand side of the page

4.  New:  History of your relationship with any of your Facebook friends

5.  New:  Graphics of what is important to you

6.  New:  Sports section of the teams you like to follow

Want to update your Facebook account to the new profile look now?  Go to:
Link to upgrade to the new profile

Facebook founder, Zuckerberg, said they will not share this information with advertisers.
They do have a large inventory of interests.  However, applications on Facebook have been found to share this information.  Zuckerberg said they shut down those applications when they find out about it.

60 minutes questions how Facebook exists if it cannot invade your's really about transparency.

The FTC is looking into it, private Privacy Groups, and the Hill are looking into it.  Facebook has hired their own lobbyist to help them with policies.

Facebook said over 200 million of their users access the application via mobile devices.

Newest product:  take your text messages, emails, and instant messages...what do you call it?  Facebook calls it "Messages" and considers it a virtual switchboard.  It is considered to be a potential email killer.

Example used in 60 Minutes:
Type "Prius" on Google and you get public information.  Type "Prius" on Facebook and you see what your friends have to say about it.

I used it to check into opinions on lego sets and other toys.

Facebook has been poaching from Google's talent base - 10% of the staff are former Google employees.

Watch the show on 60 minutes at this link:;contentAux

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  1. I find Zuckerberg's idea of privacy questionable. FB is growing and its apps have ton in them that attach to your FB account if you click on them. One User who had large following as computer guru link in his you-tube videos and when you go to them via FB it has pop up that you have to click to close but if you do not unchecked the two boxes in it you are not seeing post that show up posted by you promoting this persons videos.. and it a set up to get your FB account to push these videos.. bad.. and FB knows it going on and has done nothing.. I don't do Pictures and my main account is for consulting work is about business not how many pictures I can post or game app i play.. the new profiles set up work for only those who are on FB to just be part of it with friends and family. Many who don't have clue to what is going on behind the clicks.

    And yes the Media has mis-used the term "Hacker and Hacking" and it need to be educated as to the right term..but you know how hard it is to train some of the

    I will hold out on changing my profiles on FB .. I still not 100% happy on anything force on people with no options to change back..