Friday, December 17, 2010

Worried Whether You Say Too Much on Facebook? Now You Can Check...

There is a new site that can help you see just how much you and others might be oversharing.

The site is .

I warn you that you will be astonished by what people post, the pictures they provide, and their comments are out in the wide open.

Type into the search box:  "Divorce" and people are chronicling their messy ends to their messages.  You see their name and their profile picture.

Take some time to type in the names of your loved ones to make sure there are not any issues that you were not aware of.

From the makers of the site, here are the goals posted:

What’s the goal?

1. Raise awareness regarding the dangers of Facebook, and public online identities

2. Entertain myself and others

The makers of the site also explain their perspective on "Privacy" in this statement:

I’m not exposing anything that isn’t already public, searchable, and index elsewhere… I just put a different User interface on it and made it a little more search-friendly for the previously stated purposes.


"Site Exposes Facebook Overshares", Phil Villarreal, The Consumerist, December 15, 2010.

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