Friday, December 3, 2010


A new service is online called Jumo.

Jumo wants to  “do what Yelp did for restaurants,” said Chris Hughes, the leader behind Jumo.
If Chris Hughes' names sounds familiar it is because he was part of the digital side of President Obama's campaign and he was one of the founders for Facebook.

Jumo will track charities and projects.  News articles, tweets, YouTube videos, feedback will all be linked to the various charities and projects.

Not sure where to donate money or if a charity is really doing what it says it does?  Jumo can help with that.

Have a cause you love but unclear how to get connected, involved, and how to help?  Jumo can help with that too.

Have a mission or cause of your own and need to get started?  You can set up a page on Jumo.

$300 billion was donated last year to charities and non profits.  6% of that was via the internet.  Will Jumo be the killer app that brings more donations of time, talent and money via the internet?  It'll be fun to watch.

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