Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Steps to Recovery: Someone's Facebook and E-Mail Account Hacked?

If after reading this you have a suggestion, please send it along.  I would like to continue to improve this list over time for people that are victims of a hacking:

1.  The unfortunate thing about e-mail and facebook is it is all "free" so help is tough but available.  They do have fraud forms to fill out.

See also:

This is what Facebook says to do about the hacked account and money transfer scheme:!/help.php?page=1010

2.  Also, this might have happened through a PC virus.  Please stop using home and work PC until they are checked out.  Call your PC support desk or seek out a local expert to assist you with your computer to find and isolate the virus.

Microsoft provides free virus and spyware removal support to Windows customers who think they have an infected computer.

Call:   1-866-PC Safety for phone support.
Online:   Microsoft customers can also visit for
free online virus and spyware removal.

Apple provides help to computers users that believe their Mac may be infected.

Call:   1-800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273)
Online: Set up a phone appointment or,
request an in-person appointment at your closest
Apple Store’s Genius Bar: .

3.   IMMEDIATELY change passwords to  bank accounts.  Actively monitor  bank and credit card accounts.  Look for suspicious charges, even if they are for very small amounts.

I recommend online alert services where you can set up alerts to notify you if a transaction takes place or if a transaction is over a certain amount.  Go to your online banking page for more information.

As a precaution, also FREEZE the credit file.  Request alerts on your credit reports.  .


North Carolina offers a free credit freeze for victims of identity theft.  Check your state for more information.  For how NC works, go to the following website for more information:

Engage local law enforcement authorities.  They are committing fraud.

a.  File a report at the FBI's

b.  Contact the Federal Trade Commission.

Federal Trade Commission:
Call:   877-IDTHEFT or 877-438-4338

Also contact for more information.

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  1. Thanks for all the helpful ideas. I am the friend of Marjie who was hacked, but obviously this happens to lots of folks. The tricky part is that the hackers got in, changed all my passwords and security questions, so it is taking extra long to get my gmail accounts back under my control. Facebook is completely Missing in Action and has not provided any help. Thirty six hours after I reported the scam and one victim later, I have still not received any assistance in reclaiming my account from the scammers.