Tuesday, June 26, 2012

High ALERT: Verizon Phishing Scam!!

Subject: Verizon Phishing Scam===Re: Your Bill Is Now Available
Importance: High

Be careful if you get an email from verizon like the one below.  It is part of a phishing scam.  It is very good since I saw the balance and started immediately to click the link but closed it when I saw the redirect.  The message is almost exactly like the actual one that Verizon sends every month, except the verizon one has the end of your account number in the red text.  The sending address is almost the same as verizon's as well, except for the "w" in the front.

So, be careful if you get something from verizon and don't click the links (go to their site directly) and definitely don't enter any information into it.

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