Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Social MADNESS Competition: Fortalice finishes 3rd in local round!

This month our company has been participating in the Charlotte Business Journal's Social Madness Competition.  The local round just ended yesterday, with Fortalice finishing strong in the #3 spot (not bad for a small cybersecurity consulting firm, huh? :)  This competition has companies compete by getting the most votes on the CBJ's website, as well as showing a strong social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  In order for us to gain social media points, we need to gain more followers on all 3 of these account pages.  We now go head to head with the top 8 finishers from Charlotte and need your help to stay competitive! Please take a second to vote and follow us on our social media pages if you haven't had the chance to yet.  Also, in order to vote daily you will need to clear your cache and cookies in your browser.  Thanks everyone for your support!!

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