Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Other News today...A man accidentally divorced his wife via Skype

Before divorce lawyers get alarmed, this is a very unique and interesting situation.  Also sad for the couple involved in a joke gone bad.

A man in Qatar says he was playing a "joke" on Skype when he typed "talak, talak, talak" which translates as "I divorce thee" three times.

After committing the joke, he thought better of it, and contacted religious leaders at a seminary in northern India.  The seminary told him the divorce stands.

If they want to be remarried, the rules given to the couple by the clerics are as follows:
1.  Wait 3 months
2.  The ex wife must marry another man, have sex with that man, divorce that man
3.  Another 3 month waiting period
4.  She can marry her original husband again

What a shame for all involved.  A reminder not to post anything on the internet while angry or sad.


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