Friday, November 19, 2010

New Tactics of Debt Collectors Using Facebook - Clever or Pitbull?

Most states have laws in place for consumer protections against debt collectors.  For example, many states would not allow a debt collector to begin calling everyone you know and defaming you to embarass you into paying.

This blog post is not going to get into the virtues of or evils of debt collection.

A Florida debt collection firm allegedly used Facebook to track down a woman who owes $362 on her auto loan.  They allegedly sent the woman messages and told her family to please have her call the agency.

The woman is suing the debt collection agency.

What is your opinion?  Should debt collectors be allowed to use social networks as a means to reach people when they do not respond via phone or mail?  If yes, what should the boundaries be?  For example, debt collectors are only allowed to call during certain hours of the day.  What would the limitation be for social networks?

"Woman Says Debt Collectors Harassed Her on Facebook", Associated Press, November 18, 2010.

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