Friday, November 19, 2010

New Tactics of Debt Collectors Using Facebook - Clever or Pitbull?

Most states have laws in place for consumer protections against debt collectors.  For example, many states would not allow a debt collector to begin calling everyone you know and defaming you to embarrass you into paying.

This blog post is not going to get into the virtues of or evils of debt collection.

A Florida debt collection firm allegedly used Facebook to track down a woman who owes $362 on her auto loan.  They allegedly sent the woman messages and told her family to please have her call the agency.

The woman is suing the debt collection agency.

What is your opinion?  Should debt collectors be allowed to use social networks as a means to reach people when they do not respond via phone or mail?  If yes, what should the boundaries be?  For example, debt collectors are only allowed to call during certain hours of the day.  What would the limitation be for social networks?

"Woman Says Debt Collectors Harassed Her on Facebook", Associated Press, November 18, 2010.

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  1. Its bad as of late some of these "Pitbull Debt collector" are using very bad tactics and some are getting to bordering on criminal. Online some are using web sites like class reunion sites and Personal search sites but using some social eng...ineering to get info and some time the wrong info. some when calling the wrong number or an old number like one of my cells is getting hit be a bill collector that just isn't taking the hint this is my PH# now and is about to get hit with the law if they do not stop. Some are using twitter and Facebook and my space to search for people and even pretending to be the person they are looking for to get people some one to call or tell like hey I gave you phone number but was it the right one can you read it back? that work well as people don't think about it when some calls to say they need to make sure they have the right number .. I can say yes pay your bills and try to keep from going to collection but these day that isn't that easy to do as some are sending you to collection with in a few days of being late and that is just wrong as well .. I know some people that have been victims of predator collection and some change names or go out of business when pressed by real lawyers. Some at if the lawyers so always find legal help if you get one of them on you as they can get fake judgments that can get you pay check and saving taken and you can't do anything to stop it till it is too late . The FTC has rules that all collection agency must follow and if not you have the right question and should report any misconduct. When you contacted get a name a full one if you can get real phone Number
    many will not give a direct line or will they give you any names of anyone above them. If the company is on the up and up they will work with you. Ask question about their company ask who there get details .. if they will not give you this info or even if the get mad at yo for asking question report them. Also do a search of any ph# you get on your caller ID as well you can find others who have dealings bad or good . If you feel you being hunted by a collection groups contact the people you own and make payment arrangements don't let go for too long as these groups will make it worse but getting judgments attaching your pay check even taking you tax return. Some are legal and use do it right some use the laws against you and just barely cross the line to get the people they hunt and they are Hunting.
    Also if you feel like paying the company you owe directly you can do this and the collection people have to stop any collection from you .. you have right and you need o use them. When you post all your contact info on Web site you do make it easy to find you and the more info they have the better chance you will get hit hard by them.

    I do not feel that anyone should never pay on a debt if you owe pay. it can take time but so be it but when you get those who are making more off a debt then you own and are doing with questionable tactics you need to be armed with facts to fend them off..