Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will You Check Work Email Over the Holidays?

A new survey is out and over half of you say YES you will be checking work email over the holidays.  Xobni and Harris Interactive gave the following statistics:

59% of American workers will check email over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays
55% of the 59% will check it at least 1x a day
28% of the 59% will check it several times a day
42% of the 59% say it is important to check in over the holiday and some even admitted it was a welcome distraction.

For the Southern folk - the southerners are the most likely to check in boxes on holiday.

For bosses that want to be this holiday's Scrooge to keep in mind - 41% of Americans are annoyed when they get emails over the holidays


"Most Americans check work email over the holidays", Radhika Marya, Mashable, November 23, 2010.

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